We are a custom tattoo studio in London, based in the heart of Kentish Town, with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Our aim is to work with our customers to provide unique, personal tattoos. All the work we do is custom work, tailored to the individual customer because we believe that if you’re going to enjoy your tattoo for the rest of your life it should be unique.

We have a team of artists who specialise in all styles of tattooing including  patternwork, Japanese, illustrative, geometric, black work, etching, black and grey, portraits, pet portraits, Tibetan, Thai and many others. We also regularly have guest artists who tattoo in a variety of styles – you can find information about which artists will be coming to our shop and any flash days we will be having on our events page.

We are more than happy to discuss any ideas that you have to see how they can be realised. We have over 30 years experience in the tattoo industry, so whether you’re after a small tattoo or a full back piece, we’ll always give our honest and professional opinion.

We cannot give quotes over the phone or email as all prices depend on the size, position, design of the tattoo and a variety of other factors. For example a palm sized tattoo in black on your arm will generally take less time than a palm sized tattoo in colour on your ribs. If you would like to come in to discuss your ideas we offer free consultations, to book in please fill out our contact form.