Friday 13th December

Friday 13th Dec
For the second time this year we will be celebrated Friday the 13th in style by tattooing ’13’ inspired designs for ridiculous £13!

Friday the 13th has been considered an unlucky day dating back to the late 1800s, although the day Friday has long been thought of as unlucky as it is the day that (according to Christian tradition) Jesus was crucified. In maritime circles it is believed to be unlucky to start a voyage on a Friday. We say boo to bad luck!


Our guest artist Andrés created some lovely pieces this time around, he will be back at the end of February!

Halloween Part 2

Thank you to everyone who came to the Halloween event and after party!


Fourth Prize – Tunji
Third Prize – Matthew
Second Prize – John & Sydney
First Prize – Alex

Well Done to all our winners!

Covering Synthesis Exhibition

Our resident artist Scott exhibited his work alongside Dominique Holmes at the Atomica Pop-up gallery in Soho.

Halloween Event

This Halloween Scratchline Tattoo will be getting into the spirit (!) by tattooing All Hallows Eve inspired designs for the scarily low price of £31 each! First come, first serve no reserving designs.
If you get a Halloween tattoo you will get a free drink at The Grafton pub! The party will keep going at The Grafton with a costume competition and DJs.
We will be posting sneak peaks of the designs in the run-up to the event on our Facebook page so keep your eyeballs peeled!!!!!