Halloween Part 2

Thank you to everyone who came to the Halloween event and after party!


Fourth Prize – Tunji
Third Prize – Matthew
Second Prize – John & Sydney
First Prize – Alex

Well Done to all our winners!

Covering Synthesis Exhibition

Our resident artist Scott exhibited his work alongside Dominique Holmes at the Atomica Pop-up gallery in Soho.

Halloween Event

This Halloween Scratchline Tattoo will be getting into the spirit (!) by tattooing All Hallows Eve inspired designs for the scarily low price of £31 each! First come, first serve no reserving designs.
If you get a Halloween tattoo you will get a free drink at The Grafton pub! The party will keep going at The Grafton with a costume competition and DJs.
We will be posting sneak peaks of the designs in the run-up to the event on our Facebook page so keep your eyeballs peeled!!!!!

Friday 13th September

On Friday the 13th of September we held our first Friday the 13th event, tattooing ’13’ , ‘luck’ and ‘superstitious’ themed tattoos for a mere £13!
At 8:30 a queue began to form and by the time we opened at 11am the shop was packed. Throughout the day the artists worked without breaks or food tattooing a staggering 25 people in total.
We will be holding another Friday the 13th event in December so come on down and check it out!

New Sign

We have a new window sign 🙂