Halloween Event

This Halloween Scratchline Tattoo will be getting into the spirit (!) by tattooing All Hallows Eve inspired designs for the scarily low price of £31 each! First come, first serve no reserving designs.
If you get a Halloween tattoo you will get a free drink at The Grafton pub! The party will keep going at The Grafton with a costume competition and DJs.
We will be posting sneak peaks of the designs in the run-up to the event on our Facebook page so keep your eyeballs peeled!!!!!

Friday 13th September

On Friday the 13th of September we held our first Friday the 13th event, tattooing ’13’ , ‘luck’ and ‘superstitious’ themed tattoos for a mere £13!
At 8:30 a queue began to form and by the time we opened at 11am the shop was packed. Throughout the day the artists worked without breaks or food tattooing a staggering 25 people in total.
We will be holding another Friday the 13th event in December so come on down and check it out!

New Sign

We have a new window sign 🙂

Saturday Flash Event

Saturday flash event
We held our first Saturday Flash on the 13th of July. Introducing the world to the concept of set price flash tattoos and free drinks! Get a tattoo, get a free drink at The Grafton Pub, whats not to love? After a busy day of tattooing our guest artist Andrés aka Andy Wild Deejay DJed Rock’n’Roll at The Grafton.

Alma Street Fair

On the 23rd of June the team here at Scratchline Tattoo set up a stall at the Alma Street Fair to mix with the Kentish Town community, sell our merchandise and tattoo small children (transfers obviously!)

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